David O. Kingston Foundation

The drive behind the David O. Kingston Foundation developed during a holiday in Thailand in December 2004, when cofounders and longtime friends, Dave Kingston and Dean Armstrong explored the possibility of using their skills and resources to help others. They discussed their options on the island of Phuket just days before it was hit by the Asia Tsunami. The devastation that followed strengthened their resolve to develop the foundation, and within weeks they were providing emergency relief funding in Thailand.

Using a creative and innovative fusion of activities we aim to change the lives of children in the moment and most importantly in the future. Our programs hinge on collaborative cooperation of grassroots level, community-based groups, both local and international teachers, community leaders and of course the children themselves. We believe that this collaborative approach empowers both teachers and students, introducing them to new approaches to education, without undermining their valuable work. We offer children a new vision of the future by encouraging them to think independently and critically, explore their individuality and enhance their communities in ways that challenge conventional approaches to education.

Visit David O. Kingston Foundation on the web at davidokingstonfoundation.org

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