Kingston Management Services

KMS became the successful bidder of a portfolio of loans, sold by the FDIC (through a national RFP), in a "public/private" note distribution, with the goal to monetize a greater return of public funds, through a financial participation with the FDIC.

KMS, as epitomized by its Chairman, David O. Kingston (who has acquired, or joint ventured over 100 business enterprises in the past thirty (30) years), believes that property ownership is in the best interest of families and the economy at large. Formation was in 2008 to service the portfolio and maximize asset value. KMS seeks a remedy to the current market conditions that have led to declining real estate prices, resulting in failed mortgages due to over leveraged assets and lending practices that stepped beyond the borrowers' ability to repay.

KMS is a "full service asset management company," staffed with seasoned professionals that have over 100 years in the real estate industry, dealing with asset financing, disposition, development, construction, entitlement, project repositioning, loan realization and of course the legal responsibilities associated therewith.

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